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Freedom to go where you want.

Planning a trip across SA borders?

If you are planning to travel across SA borders in the vehicle you have financed with us you will need documentation from BMW Financial Services giving you permission to do so. To avoid any inconvenience you may be faced with at the border post please fax the following to us:

  • Written request to exit South Africa.
  • Your departure and return dates.
  • The countries you are going to be visiting.
  • A letter of confirmation from your insurance company stating that your vehicle will be comprehensively insured in the countries being visited on the specified dates.

Fax the above request to Customer Services on 011 541 7593 or email us on

Please note that 3 working days are required to process your request. Kindly ensure that we receive your documentation timeously.

Treasury Reports.

Current treasury reports:

Please note that the latest Treasury Reports will be available shortly.

Protecting the consumer is key.

The National Credit Act.

Things you should know about the National Credit Act:
  • 1. The National Credit Act (NCA) regulates all credit agreements. Credit agreements are categorized in to small agreements (less than R15 000), intermediate agreements (R15 001 - R250 000) and large agreements
    (R250 001 and above).

  • 2. A more detailed application process is required by the NCA to ensure that reckless lending does not take place.

  • 3. The NCA gives rights to the consumer and confers the corresponding obligation to the credit provider

  • 4. No early termination fees are payable in respect of small & intermediate agreements. Early termination fee's are payable on large agreements.

  • 5. 5 day period in which to consider a quotation or pre-agreement statement, after the 5 day period the quote is no longer valid and a new credit application will have to be submitted and reviewed. When making an application for finance the consumer will have to reveal all "open" quotations as referred to above.

  • 6. Have the right to receive documentation in the way prescribed by themselves - i.e.: via fax, e-mail or post

  • 7. Right to being told the reason why finance was declined

  • 8. The costs of entering in to a credit agreement with regards to fees and charges are now prescribed and limited.

  • 9. Right to know who the Finance & Insurance Manager/Business Manager is and who he/she represents when assisting in your application for finance.

 National Credit Act (NCA) FAQ′s

Protecting the consumer is key.

National Credit Act (NCA) FAQ′s.

  1. 1. What is the main purpose of the NCA?
    • To protect the consumer by preventing over-indebtedness and prohibiting reckless lending by credit providers;
    • To regulate the credit industry in South Africa.
  2. 2. What happens to the previous credit legislation?
    The NCA replaces the Credit Agreements Act and the Usury Act.
  3. 3. Does the NCA apply to me?
    The NCA has been designed to protect all natural persons (you and me), and certain juristic persons. A juristic person is defined as a CC (Closed Corporation), a Trust, or a Pty Ltd.
  4. 4. When will I not enjoy the protection of the NCA?
    When a consumer enters into a Rental Agreement, or a FML (Full Maintenance Lease).
  5. 5. How does the NCA affect the cost of an application?
    Every cost, service fee and the interest must be clearly detailed on the Quotation and Pre-Agreement Statement that a consumer gets from a credit provider.
  6. 6. What information must I provide to apply for credit?
    In order to apply for credit, a consumer must provide full personal details, full disclosure of all existing credit agreements, income and expenditure. All information must be complete and accurate.

Protecting the consumer is key.

National Credit Act (NCA) FAQ’s.

  1. 7. Can I be forced to complete income/expenditure statement in any way?
    The NCA requires the client to provide full and accurate information to the credit provider.
  2. 8. What do I do if I lose my contract and require a copy of this document?
    Please contact the credit provider and they will supply a copy of the original at no additional cost within 20 days of the request. All copies requested within the first year of the contract being signed will be provided free of charge.
  3. 9. Can I add a Short Settlement Amount to my contract?
    A Short Settlement Amount is the amount outstanding on a vehicle finance contract after settlement of the vehicle. In terms of the NCA, it does not form part of the asset.
  4. 10. Do I have to divulge any future or current contingent liabilities which I may have, for example surety obligations for other legal entities debts?
    Yes, all current and future obligations and contingent liabilities must be disclosed at the application stage.
  5. 11. Do I have the right to confidential treatment?
    The NCA provides access to consumer′s information to the following agencies:
    • The credit provider;
    • Debt counsellors;
    • Credit bureaux;
    • The Tribunal; and
    • The Regulator.
    This information may only be used in the following circumstances:
    • That which is specifically permitted in NCA;
    • A report or release that provides information to the consumer only.
  6. 12. How does the NCA affect my existing contract?
    • The NCA is retrospective in certain respects and hence credit agreements entered into before the 1st June 2007 will fall within the ambit of the Act in these respects;
    • Debt re-organization would be available to consumers who would require it and early termination fees are only applicable to large agreements.

Protecting the consumer is key.

National Credit Act (NCA) FAQ′s.

  1. 13. Does the NCA require me to provide POI for every deal I process or does the 3 months rule still apply?
    Proof of Income (POI) must be provided for each separate application.
  2. 14. Can I finance over more than 5 years?
    It is recommended that the finance be done over a maximum of 60 months.
  3. 15. I do not receive a car allowance; can I lease my vehicle and have a balloon payment?
  4. 16. Will I be able to finance motorcycles over 5 years with no deposit?
    Yes, this can now be done.
  5. 17. How does incomplete / incorrect information provided on the application affect the protection provided by the NCA?
    Incorrect information provided to a credit provider may lead to the consumer not being protected by the NCA in certain respects.
  6. 18. What is the NCA contact number?
    The National Credit Regulator (NCR) handles complaint with regards to NCA compliance.
    Their contact details are as follows:
    • Tel: 0860 627 627
    • Email:
    • Website:
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